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Binaries, the rock-hard puzzle platformer is out now on PS4 and Xbox One

EDINBURGH, Scotland, August 30th, 2016 – Independent game developer Ant Workshop is delighted to announce that their first major release, Binaries, is now available on the Xbox One through the Xbox Games Store, and the PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation Store.
Binaries is a rock-hard puzzle platformer with unique dual character control. Test your reflexes and awareness as you simultaneously guide two lovable balls through over 100 brightly coloured challenges in a controller-smashingly tough platformer. Control both balls at exactly the same time using the same set of controls as you try to avoid the death and danger that awaits their every move.

Oh, and there are jokes .

The first major release from Ant Workshop, a small independent game developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Binaries features a non-linear map, so players can choose their own route through the game, and intense beat the clock levels to get their adrenaline pumping. With an adaptive music score which responds to a player’s gameplay, and hidden gags throughout, the colourful Binaries world is as charming and inviting as its puzzles are addictive and heart-pounding!
Binaries is also available on available on PC and Mac. If you’re interested in getting a review key for Binaries, please let us know via the contact details below.
For more information, screenshots and trailers, visit the Binaries Press Page:

About Ant Workshop
Ant Workshop is a small independent game developer and game design consultancy based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded by Tony Gowland in 2015, Ant Workshop develops and publishes its own original content as well as helping other developers bring their creative visions to life.
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