Physical Version of Shelter Generations Coming to Nintendo Switch Courtesy of Super Rare Games

London – 29th May 2018 – Super Rare Games have today announced Shelter Generations as their next indie gem physical release for Nintendo Switch™. This console-exclusive collection includes two games, two soundtracks and two ‘living books’, combining a lot of special content that was previously only available on PC.

Limited to only 3,000 copies, Shelter Generations, developed by Might and Delight and published by CIRCLE Entertainment, includes Shelter 2 (with the Mountains DLC included) which follows the life of a mother Lynx; it’s a journey of parenthood in which nurturing your cubs is paramount for survival.  You need to raise them safely until they reach adulthood, with a different experience and circumstances each time you play.

Also included in this version is Paws: A Shelter 2 Game, which is based in the same world as Shelter 2. In this poetic adventure you need to explore and survive the wilds as a cub, interacting with the environment and forging a surprising alliance. It features puzzles, a special soundtrack and plenty of memorable moments.

Shelter Generations also includes the official soundtracks of both Shelter 2 and Paws: A Shelter 2 Game; you can enjoy the music at any time. In addition there are two ‘living book’ experiences to take you further into the Shelter world – ‘Fables From the Den’ and ‘The Lonesome Fog’. Plus each copy will contain a blind-boxed pack of high-quality trading cards. Featuring beautiful artwork from from the game, just 125 of the entire production have been signed by members of the Might and Delight team, making them highly collectable.

“When we first started this company I made a list of 5 games that we most wanted to release physically and Shelter was on that,” said George Perkins from Super Rare Games.

“To now be able to release this gorgeous game as part of our limited edition releases is amazing! This is a truly heartfelt adventure and it plays amazingly well on the Switch. The artwork that Might and Delight have produced for the series is simply breathtaking and I hope this game resonates with people the same way it did with us.”

Having the chance to publish the physical version of Shelter Generations on Nintendo Switch™ was an enticing prospect for the team at CIRCLE Entertainment. Talking about the partnership, Thomas Whitehead, Product Manager at CIRCLE Entertainment said, ‘‘We’re excited to team up with Super Rare Games and release this special physical edition of Shelter Generations. Might and Delight created something special with this game. With an incredible art style and soundtrack, it deserves to be experienced on Nintendo Switch. This edition does a great job of celebrating the developer’s vision and gives fans the chance to own a special copy for their collection.”

“Since we haven’t done a physical release before, just that feels very special.” Added Might and Delight’s CEO, Anders Westin. “But all the extra items like the trading card set is what makes it truly delightful.  We’re glad that Shelter Generations is about to be a part of the Super Rare Collection, partly for our core fans who love everything Shelter, and partly because everyone at the studio is excited to get their hands on a copy!”

Pre order your copy now at for $34.99 / £29.99 / €33.99.

For more information about Shelter Generations please visit Might and Delight website and follow Super Rare Games on twitter for news and updates.


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