Carried Away

Carried Away hauls construction fun to Nintendo Switch and Steam

Curve Digital and Hugecalf Studios announce partnership and Early 2019 release window

London, Wednesday 1st August – Curve Digital and Hugecalf Studios have partnered up to lift constructor puzzler, Carried Away, out of Steam Early Access and send it skidding onto Nintendo Switch. In Carried Away, you must construct ski-themed courses – rigging chair lifts, gondolas, and ramps – to get your skiers and snowmobile drivers to the finish line without them tumbling down a ravine.

The snowy physics builder has enjoyed a warm reception on Steam Early Access, managing a ‘Very Positive” rating for its pre-V1.0 reviews. The developers at Hugecalf are now completing the construction, adding the finishing touches, and laying down solid foundations for the final release in Early 2019. The price of Carried Away will increase in a few weeks to also better reflect the final updates of the game. Please keep an eye on Curve’s channels for more info.

Carried Away will also be on display to the gaming press during Gamescom 2018.

“We’re really delighted to have this partnership with Hugecalf Studios” said Simon Byron, Publishing Director at Curve Digital. “This will allow Hugecalf time to concentrate on making the final version of Carried Away as good as it can be, while we will be able to provide expert help and guidance for this final push.”


“We’re super happy to be working with Curve and can’t wait to get the final game to the public,” said Jonny Hughes, Producer and Game Designer for Hugecalf Studios.

So strap on your skis, grab your tools, and bring some bandages because things are bound to get Carried Away when the charming constructor puzzler releases for Nintendo Switch and Steam in Early 2019.

About Curve Digital
Curve Digital is one of the world’s leading publishers of games on PC and consoles.  Since 2013, the company has been working with some of the world’s best game developers to help bring their games – from indie hits like Dear Esther to the likes of the million-selling Human: Fall Flat – to the broadest possible audiences all over the world.  In 2017 Curve Digital was recognised by the celebrated Develop Industry Excellence Awards as ‘Publishing Hero’ and in 2018 was crowned the ‘Indie Games Publisher of the Year’ at the MCV Awards. Most recently, Curve Digital was shortlisted for the ‘Publishing Hero’ at the 2018 Develop Industry Excellence Awards.  For more information, please visit:


About Hugecalf Studios

Hugecalf Studios are the developers of quirky physics puzzle game, Carried Away.  They are a three person team with a huge passion for gaming, a wild imagination and a love for building things.  Their mission is to create games that go beyond the norm and make you think “I played something new today.”