The Light Keeps Us Safe

Mechanical horrors stalk in the night – The Light Keeps Us Safe is out now for PC

Unlearn everything you know about stealth games and step into the light


Bath, England – 11th October 2018 – Big Robot – developer of Sir, You Are Being Hunted and The Signal from Tölva – is pleased to announce its next game, The Light Keeps Us Safe, is out now.


Stealth, evasion, and manipulation of light sources are your weapons against the alien machines hunting in the dark. No time for crafting: only clever use of your surroundings will keep you alive!


The Light Keeps Us safe is a bleak stealth game where you must creep through a desolate landscape, using stealth and cunning in a world where darkness means death. Where many stealth games have you stalking through the shadows, here you must seek out the light, taking refuge under street lamps, car headlights, and even in the failing, flickering glow of burned out factories.


The sky has gone out. The food is gone and the power won’t last much longer. You can’t stay down here, cowering in the bunker – those things will find their way in. It’s time to go outside and face the horrors lurking in the blackness. Only the light can keep us safe.


Using your modular flashlight, you must dazzle and overload these mechanised nightmares, uncovering mysterious structures hidden in the darkness. Peel back the dark and discover its secrets.


Stumble into traps as you run, poison burning at your lungs, and cower as dancing shadows materialise into horrific hallucinations. How long can you last in this procedural hellscape? Fight your instincts to step into the light!


Head of Big Robot, Jim Rossignol, said: “The Light Keeps Us Safe continues our journey into first-person frighteners that began with Sir, You Are Being Hunted, and builds robustly upon the talent for sci-fi atmospherics that we developed for The Signal From Tölva. It’s been a fast and fascinating process and we’re delighted to return to early access work for this timely October release.”


The Light Keeps Us Safe is out now on PC and will continue to be developed in Early Access, shaped by the players.


About Big Robot

BIG ROBOT have been making games since 2010. They are an independent team based in the South West of England. Their previous titles include the smash-hit, award-winning, first-wave survival game, SIR, YOU ARE BEING HUNTED, and the sci-fi epic, THE SIGNAL FROM TÖLVA – which was based on concepts by Hollywood concept artist and Rockstar alumni, Ian McQue (GTA4, Solo: A Star Wars Movie, Mortal Engines).

BIG ROBOT are Jim Rossignol (author, founder member of Rock, Paper, Shotgun), Tom Betts (programmer, lecturer, artist), James Carey (editor, game designer), Olly Skillman-Wilson (formerly at Aardman Studios in Bristol) and virtuoso saxophonist and programmer Dan Puzey.