legend of evil

Legend of Evil brings tower offense to PC and Nintendo Switch

The apocalypse arrives on October 19th


Singapore, 12th October 2018 – Grab your minions, boot up your PC, and pick up your Joy-Con – Legend of Evil is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch on October 19th.


Legend of Evil is a side-scrolling game with a charming pixel art style. In it, you play as Bill, a middle manager working for the Demon King, attempting to eradicate all life from the world. Rally up an army of malicious demons; it’s time to bring about the apocalypse.


Welcome to tower offence. Build fortifications and summon up procedurally generated demons and ghastly abominations.


Conquer your way through the campaign, unlocking upgrades and bolstering your army to more efficiently commit mass genocide. Don’t judge, Bill has to get that employee of the week badge somehow.


Fuse demons together to create hellish hybrids and adapt your tactics to battle an evolving threat. Being in middle management, you’ll also need to manage your non-human resources as you go. No, you can’t take a holiday today, Beryl!  


PC players get access to Legend of Evil’s level builder, which is currently in beta, opening up the game for endless replayability. Legend of Evil is also bringing its conquest to mobile at a later date.


If you launch a preemptive strike, you can grab it at launch for the sale price of $6.99. The game will go up to its full price of $8.99 a week after launch.


About Springloaded Software

James Barnard started Springloaded over 5 years ago, having worked in “corporate game development” for the preceding 15 years.  Springloaded have released 10 games across consoles,, mobile and PC including Hiragana Pixel Party, The Last Vikings, Tiny Dice Dungeon and Nuclien.